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Okinda's Profile

Okinda's Profile

Regional Director World Link Press Publishers

Regional Director at World Link Press Publishers

Edward Okinda

I first taught at Maranda High School after A levels, then was posted to teach at Onjiko High School after training as a teacher.

At Onjiko I achieved a mean grade after my subject registered 48 distinctions out of the 54 distinctions the school had in the 14 subjects it offered . I was then employed to teach at Afraha High school who offered me double pay. At a Afraha I was assigned to teach Christian religious Education at A levels where again I managed 9 A’s and 37 B’s out 10 A’s and 44 B’s the school produce in the 8 subject it offered and was given Kenyan shillings 10, 000 cash price for the achievement.

I then wrote a book, simplified CRE course for secondary schools. I invited myself to give a CRE talk to a neighboring school,  Moi Forces Academy- Lanet where after the talk I sold all copies of that book to the students.

In the process of giving CRE talk I noticed students were more pre occupied with questions on how to pass exams. I then decided to write the book ‘How to pass Exams’ and resigned my teaching job at Afraha High School’ to concentrate on giving motivational lectures to students on Best study and examination passing skills.

This is now my 23rd year in giving this lectures. I started towards the end of 1992 and beginning 1993 I have been giving full time lectures. At that time university entry mean grade was C+ but every school I lectured improved in performance until the entry grade is now B plain. Before I started getting A’s was a pipe dream to many schools but now it is a common reality.

I give lectures to an average of 100 schools per term totaling 300 schools per year and our Kenyan schools mainly have between 400 to 2000 students making an average of 1000 students per school. This means I talk to 30, 000 students per year so for 23 years it comes to 7 million students.

I offered the lectures free of Charge and occasionally some schools pay me on their own volition. To date have used 21 cars because of the very bad roads I travel through. What makes me survive is that I Started a publishing farm called Worldink press publisher and sell books to students at a half the price because most of them are poor and cannot afford expensive books.

What makes my lectures peculiar is that any school I give a lecture as a guarantee of improving its performance.

A a CRE/English teacher I wrote 5 text books in CRE as follows;

  1. A simplified CRE Course for secondary Schools form one
  2. A simplified CRE Course for secondary Schools form two
  3. A simplified CRE Course for secondary Schools form three
  4. A simplified CRE Course for secondary Schools form four
  5. Simplified KCSE Revision Book

In English I wrote;

  1. Simplified Introduction to oral Literature and Poetry.

On Inspiration, Motivation, Guidance and Counselling have written; How to pass Exams, Youth Inspiration to Success, Guidance and Counselling, Discipline for Successful Education, Guidelines to Successful Teaching and Headship.

Apart from giving lectures to student my company Worldlink Press Publishers has involve itself in setting National trial examinations that all schools in kenya has participated in at one time or another. See

Have also established another company esomeni to enable aspiring authors publish their books electronically online, see

In order to help more students across the county I have held seminars and workshops for teachers across the county as follows;

  1. Principal
  2. Deputy Principal
  3. Head teachers
  4. Deputy Head teachers
  5. Senior Masters
  6. Heads of Departments

We hold an average of two workshops in a term with an average of 300 participants totaling 6 workshops a year with an attendance of 1800 teachers. We have done this for the last 10 years meaning we have trained 18000 teachers. The workshops are approved by the ministry of Education and we charge a minimal fee of Kenyan shillings 1000 for refreshments, lunch, certificate of participation and for paying other facilitators who come to help me but am always the chief facilitator celebrated by all teachers in attendance.

I have received over 500,000 testimonials from students and teaches across the country for work well done. See

  1. In 1993 I lectured precious blod high school 7 times in one year and they emergered number one in the country from nowhere.
  2. I lectured St. Marys Yala the same year and they came from nowhere to position seven county wide.
  3. I lectured Orero Boys High School who had one A- last year and they got 39 A plains
  4. I lectured AIC Nyayo girls in 2002 who had never sent any girls to university but they managed to send 27 in a class of 42 candidates.
  5. I lectured ST. Josephs Rapogi and a Catholic father in the school who did not attend the lecture came and inquired from me, “Mr. Okinda, What have you done to this boys that they are practically kneeling before me to by their books?” and he bought them all the books I had carried. The Principal at St Josephs Rapogi then is now the principal ST. Marys Yala and the national Chairman of Kenya National Secondary School Head teachers association, MR Awiti. Of the 7 million Kenyans have lectured some are now holding senior positions across the board and the  recognize and respect me. However have never received any state commendation to date

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Last modified on November 24 2016
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