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Sponsors too want beauties with brains

Sponsors too want beauties with brains
Yvonne Odongo recently posted something interesting on social media. It read: “They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but they didn’t tell me that the beholder would be the media, peer pressure, society. Suck in your stomach, they said. You need good cheekbones, a thunder thigh a gap, be thinner, curvier...So I tried EVERYTHING!! They never told me that in order to be beautiful, you don’t need to be perfect. You have to be yourself. And love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY. Women are more than their sex appeal. This is more like a poem, but come to think of it, society has for so long put pressure on the girl child and turned her into a sex object. When a girl is young, most of the commendations will be, “Isn’t she beautiful?” No one offers words like, “Isn’t she athletic, clever and hard working?” And so, from the beginning,…
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Why Buy eBooks?

Why Buy eBooks?
By Remez Sasson Do You Buy eBooks? Why buy eBooks at all? If you don't have a reading device for reading eBooks it is more convenient to have a printed book, not an eBook. However, this is not the case anymore. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, reading eBooks is simple, easy and available for everyone. If you want your eBooks on paper, you can print them with your home printer. Many publishers allow you to print their eBooks, though some do not allow that. What are the advantages of buying eBooks? There are many books with practical information about "how to..." which are available only as eBooks. Some authors, for various reasons, prefer to sell their books only in eBook format. eBooks are available immediately for download. You don't have to wait for them to arrive in the post, and you don't need to go and look…
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Do You Avoid Reading Ebooks?

Do You Avoid Reading Ebooks?
By Remez Sasson Do you read ebooks, or avoid reading them? Does it seem to you awkward and inconvenient to read ebooks on the screen? Well, this depends on what ebook you are reading. If you read a novel, this would be inconvenient, because you would probably like to read it on the bus, sitting in a park, or lying in bed. In these situations, you would prefer a book, which you can carry with you. Actually, nowadays, you can read a novel on an electronic reading device, such as Ipad or Kindle, which can carry with you. With textbooks and guides this is different. You don’t read them for hours. You read for a few minutes, and then you have to think about what you have read, and most importantly, practice it. Ebooks on meditation, concentration, self-discipline, or on self-improvement, are not read like a novel, but just few…
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