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Youth Inspiration to Success

Sold by: Edward Okinda
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400.00 KES each


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Youth Inspiration to success within one year will spur the youth to actions that will lead to their well being - success. I have always intimated that if all the American Dollars are brought here and distributed to all our youth and our little money taken there the same dollar will return to America within one year and our youth would still be a poor lot. Riches and success is not all about money but ideas. It is the ideas and attitudes we have that bring about success. Within the twenty years or more I have interacted with the youth I have come to a conclusion that they lack proper ideas and attitudes that can propel them to instant riches and success. It is for this reason that I have written this book. If read and its contents acted upon will result in successful living among our youth and the American dollar will not find its way back. It will reside amongst us forever

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