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How to Handle Success in the 21st Century: A treatise for today's Christian

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Two key themes cross my mind as I pen down this introduction to How to Handle Success in the 21st Century. One is a Prophetic Word I heard from Bob Harper, SBC, 23/12/2015.

“How do I speak to a land and a continent that has grown dull of hearings and the desire to hear? How do I speak to a people that has come to depend on its own wealth, that finds security in the trinkets that it has access to? How do I speak to those who have so readily accepted lies from the father of lies, from Satan, from the pit of hell? I can only do so through difficulty, through tribulation that affects everyone, and through fear. The nation and the continent will tremble in fear. And many will come to believe in Me, for no tribulation overcomes my love for My creation.

I have placed you strategically and I rejoice in your hearts for Me, your attention to Me. You of all people should not fear, stay alert. Great changes are in the way and there will be much for you to do in My power. Many will be swept into the Kingdom through YOU. Every one of you. You will bring comfort and release to those who come to yearn for it.
I am with you little ones. I know you better than you know yourself and I rejoice in you. I love you. Do not fear.”

My Second theme, is the similarity I have come to perceive between excellence in the world and excellence in God’s Kingdom in what recruiters are looking for in managers or stewards of their concerns. Successful businesses know that their management team is key to their continued prosperity, and they are prepared to invest in them. They need the best people to manage their employees and ensure they perform at their peak. The manager needs to achieve the task,develop his staff and develop the team.What qualities are they looking for?

Strong interpersonal skills: These skills are extremely important .Management is the art of achieving things through other people, so this is a key skill. The job is to get the best performance form each individual and the team as a whole...Get a copy
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