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Break a Family Bliss and Take a Dose

Sold by: Dan Onyango
4.37499 5 16 Product


500.00 KES each


Where Authors Meet Readers

Are you one of the people who’s worried about Divorce and family squabbles?

The world can’t hold back their tears as several families horribly mistreat each other to claim on the unknown.

Majority of us have resorted into an idea or porpulars “come we stay life” which is becoming popular in a society. Even if this comes to be a reality the human social set up dos required a united and vibrant organized unit that can foster progress and trap all our social development idea.

From the recent look of life abnormal changes that have occurred since 1990, the economic hardship has raised new demands in life. Most of us are locked in the room of fighting, a fight between ourselves, demands, children and wives.

Our hostile nature could be seen through the glass and lens which is playing a hard in this game and we can wake up to adjust our nuts to fight back the enemies.

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