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FORWARD KENYA by Emily Mukomunene

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2 000.00 KES each


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Have you contributed to either first or second liberation in Kenya? Have you performed an extraordinary deed? Have you made a discovery in any field of study or with your talent? It could be you, a friend, collegue or family. Your must have been acknowledged in "FORWARD KENYA".  Over 400 Kenyans are on the list. "Is Nyayo's dynasty Kenya's destiny?
" All this is elaborately presented herein get yourself a copy now!

FORWARD KENYA" is an epic story about event unfolding in Kenya, Colonial and post colonial era. In a simple language, it presents the challenges of leadership, analysing the reasons of why after 50 years, majority of Kenyans live in absolute poverty.

It strongly refutes the spirit of "Nyayoism" that has blindly enslaved Kenyan leaders, sad to say as if they are robotic toys. It reminds us of the struggles of selfless Kenyans who had to pay for both the 1st and 2nd liberation with their sweat and blood.

Among other topics, its the role of the Church, Civil Society Organization, and the Universities as the voice of reason for the sake of the Nation "Kenya". Bravely, it presents National heroes selected from divergent fields of interest, and briefly describes their outstanding deeds, on the same breath encouraging all to reach for the stars.
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